“Wouldn’t it be funny if a (insert animal) was (insert human thing)?”

Who We Are

Ya, there are a ton of t-shirt companies out there, but none that focus solely on the comedy associated with anthropomorphic animals.  In early 2013, we decided to change that.  Even though this is a new venture, we have been accumulating an absurd amount of preposterous thoughts and ideas over the years. We are now sharing some of them with the world the best way we know how.

What We Do

Our main goal at ADHT is to reach out to the people of the world, that share our vision and humor, to provide them with one-of-a-kind genuine shirts. We aim to make humans happy while giving animals a chance to live out their dreams. We want you to look stylish and feel comfortable, so we chose the highest quality American Apparel tees to display our quirky sense of humor. Absurdity in the normality of life is what we strive for.


We Are All Animals

We here at ADHT understand that there would be no ADHT without the humans carrying out human tasks. Otherwise it would be ADT, which doesn’t have the same ring to it.  So in a sense you are just as important to the design as anything else.  We give you an opportunity to be an even bigger part of the process by letting you design the next ADHT shirt.